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Designtex + Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

In celebration of continual learning and iteration, Designtex has partnered with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to offer a new collection of textiles, wallcoverings and custom materials, rooted in the iconic teachings and philosophies of Frank Lloyd Wright.

A Community of Apprentices

The Taliesin Fellowship –  a community of apprentices who lived alongside Wright in an immersive learning environment – and Wright’s core design principles and key historical works are the starting point for the collection.

Abstraction of Natural Forms

Distilling the geometries of nature was one of Wright’s deepest philosophies. Each of these textile designs celebrates a separate foundational element ­— the circle, the triangle and the pentagon — that Wright and his apprentices sought to honor in their ‘organic architecture’ designs and artwork.

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s design principles predate concepts that are ubiquitous in wellness discussions today, like biophilic design, human-centered design, and evidence-based design – our innate human tendency to seek connections with nature”
Sara Balderi
Design Director


Geometry of nature

The trio of textiles also pays tribute to Wright’s reverence for materials. Instead of mimicking the original source, Designtex has incorporated a variety of weaving techniques, yarns and decorative weaves to bring a richness to the fabrics.

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Celebrating the grid

Wright’s belief that nature is at the core of everything led him to establish a distinctive grammar for each project within a universal geometry-based framework. These wallcovering designs build on the balance between order, pattern and color to convey the openness and movement in nature, while also serving as a creative prompt for designers to unify ornamentation with purpose.

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Digital Studio

Modularity and Unity

Inspired by the forms and configurations of Wright’s stacking concrete blocks and the use of vertical structure, Designtex created a grouping of four modular patterns available through the Designtex Digital Studio tool, allowing the designs to be custom colored and scaled for a multitude of possibilities. The patterns can be applied to substrates for both walls and textiles as well as mixed and matched. This offering plays into Wright’s desire to give all individuals the opportunity to live with customized design that complements their lives.

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Hillside Theater

The original scale drawing for Frank Lloyd Wright’s epic Hillside Theater Curtain is the jumping off point for custom murals, textiles and glass film. Reimagined to play to the strengths and opportunities of digital printing, this special release honors Wright’s forward-thinking ethos.

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