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Casper™ Cloaking Technology Resources

Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex is an architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to outside view, perfectly balancing openness and privacy in the workplace, healthcare settings, educational spaces and more.

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Casper is available exclusively through our distribution partner, Decorative Films. They can provide stock information, pricing, and assist with finding an installer. Contact them at

Use the resources below to learn more about Casper, determine if your monitor is compatible, plan your project, and find an installer.

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Casper technology glass film in Standard Issue promotional shoot.


Casper is an innovative privacy solution that helps protect information on large displays by making these screens appear blank or “cloaked” to anyone outside of the protected space. A clear view in and out of the space is still preserved.

Casper utilizes a specialized film that contains a layer which selectively filters light, effectively obscuring the content from external view.

Casper is directional and depending on how the display screen was assembled by the manufacturer, results may differ, especially on displays narrower than 40”.

Casper can be applied to any clear, smooth architectural grade glass on new projects or existing glass surfaces.

Yes, if Casper is installed on the interior surface of an exterior window.

Casper is only available with a slight tint of less than 5%.

Casper is 48” wide and ships as 100’ long rolls. Shorter lengths are available with a nominal cutting charge.


Casper is compatible with most types of 40”+ wide LED displays that are commonly used in office environments, including computer monitors, televisions, and video walls. Displays below 40” in width either don’t cloak, only partially cloak, or cloak in different directions, even within the same model. We suggest you always test out the compatibility of your specific display with a sample.

Casper does not work with analog devices, such as projectors and many older digital display technologies, like CRT and plasma screens. Always test the compatibility of your specific display with a sample.

Compatibility can be determined using a standard sample of Casper and holding it up in front of the display that needs to be cloaked. Click here for a video demonstrating this technique and review this document.

Yes. For a list of devices and their compatibility, click here.


Casper is limited in its ability to cloak some types of displays. It is designed to work with LED screens 40” and wider. Displays smaller than this dimension may or may not cloak. Casper will also not cloak most touchscreen, phone screens and other smaller devices.

Casper will provide the best cloaking when the display is viewed directly in front of the display. Casper can change opacity depending on the viewing angle; it will not be fully opaque in all circumstances. As you move at an angle to the display, the degree of cloaking can reduce up to 3-5%. Casper is least successful when the viewer is very close to the glass and viewing it at an extreme angle. It is important to consider the specific layout and configuration of your office space when implementing Casper. For more information refer to this video.

No, Casper works without the need for any other material or film on the glass or the display.

Yes, Casper can be used with other privacy solutions, such as privacy films to enhance visual privacy in open plan office spaces. Casper should always be installed on the inside of the room with the display that you wish to cloak. It is critical that nothing interferes with, or comes between, the light from the display and the Casper technology on the glass.

Casper can be used in any environment where information on large displays in meeting spaces is readily viewable by those outside the space. Some examples include hospitals, research facilities, educational settings and institutions.


Casper is available exclusively from our distributor, Decorative Films, LLC. To make a purchase, please contact them at

Decorative Films can provide quotes for material with discounts for the trade and Authorized Steelcase Dealers.

Most orders ship on the same day when placed before 3:00 pm EST. All materials ship from Maryland, USA.


Although Casper is installed in a similar manner to a regular window film, its installation process requires additional knowledge. It’s a technology that is applied to glass, so it’s critical to use a professional installer who will accurately follow the installation guidelines. We highly recommend you use a company with an established record and proven ability to install Casper. Casper is typically installed by professional window film companies that install safety, solar and privacy window films. For a complete list of experienced installers, click here. To view the Casper purchase and installation video, click here.

Casper installed using a wet technique in which the film and the receiving glass surface are saturated with a mounting solution. The film is then positioned on the glass while the solution is removed with a squeegee. The adhesive dries and cures over several days before it completely sets.

Yes, Casper can be removed if desired.

Casper generally requires no regular maintenance outside of typical surface cleaning protocols.