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Over Two Decades of Sustainable Practice

Sustainability has been a pillar of Designtex’s business for decades. From designing the first product based on Cradle to Cradle principles to drilling down on our business’s environmental impact, innovation for a resilient future has always been our focus.

Committed to Climate Action

With a business model to design and distribute materials, Designtex recognizes that greenhouse gas emissions come from our facilities, product shipments, business travel, employee commuting, and waste. Every year, we assess our operational footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocols and reduce or offset our emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects.

Designtex evaluates carbon projects for their strong environmental and social benefits and seeks to bring new renewable energy or carbon-reduction projects online, while simultaneously supporting local communities.

→ Over a decade of action on climate; 30,000 metric tons CO2 offset from 2010-2021 and into the future.

→ Investments in 14 community-based renewable energy and carbon reduction projects across “North America” and beyond, including wind, solar, landfill-gas-to-energy, and regenerative agriculture.

Products Designed for a Circular, Low-Carbon Economy

→Designtex is a signatory to the Manufacturer’s Materials Pledge,which aligns with AIA’s Climate goals for the built environment.

→ Every Designtex shipment has its C02 impact measured and reduced with verified carbon offsets​.

→ Digitally-printed wallcoverings have the C02 impact of print production offset

→ Products made from reclaimed ocean plastics, recycled carpet, plastic bottles, and upcycled Designtex textile waste made into new products

→ Designtex products last for a full life; all products are tested for rigorous performance and durability standards.​

→ Large offering of products, made in the USA.

Material Health and Transparency

Designtex is committed to improving the material health and transparency of our products. We believe that providing transparent product ingredient information allows customers to make better-informed choices.

→Products without PVC, Phthalates, PFAS, Antimicrobials, Flame Retardants​.

→ Digitally-printed wallcoverings have the C02 impact of print production offset

→ Low-emitting certified products

→ Healthier Hospitals + LBC Red List-compliant products​

→ Products that contribute to LEED and WELL ratings​

Mindful Materials - approved products

Health Product Declarations publicly available

Innovations for Wellbeing

Designtex offers many product innovations focused on user wellbeing, including:

Celliant improves circulation​

Acoustic drapery/walls: acoustic privacy​​

→ Printed window film and Casper Cloaking film: visual privacy

→ Biophilic designed patterns: a connection to nature​

→ Low emitting products: better indoor air quality​