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Carbon Footprint

Designtex is committed to operating as a sustainable company. With a business model to design and distribute materials, we recognize that greenhouse gas emissions come from our facilities, transportation, business travel, employee commuting, and waste. Every year, we assess our operational footprint according to the World Resource Institute's Greenhouse Gas Protocols and reduce or offset our total emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects. .

Designtex evaluates carbon reduction projects for their strong environmental and social benefits and seeks to bring new renewable energy or carbon-reduction projects online, while simultaneously supporting local communities. Through our support of thirteen innovative emission reduction projects, Designtex has balanced our total footprint since 2010 and is keeping more than 27,000 metric tons of CO2 from the global atmosphere, while investing in communities across North America.

Products & Materials

Designtex is committed to improving the material health and transparency of our products. We believe that providing transparent product ingredient information allows customers to make better-informed choices. We use our material chemistry knowledge along with sustainability certifications to continually improve our products’ contribution to human and environmental health.

Designtex commits time and knowledge to industry efforts to further material health. Designtex staff now serve or have served on various committees, including the Technical Committee of the Health Product Declaration, the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council, the Association for Contract Textiles Board and Environmental Education committees, the joint committee of the NSF/ANSI 336 Sustainable Textile Standard, the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership board, and the Circular Economy 100. We believe that partnering within the industry and the business community at large is the best way to advance sustainability.