Wall Defense from Designtex is a protective coating used in a three layer construction comprised of a fabric backed vinyl wallcovering laminated to a sheet of semi-rigid PVC backing and finished with a DuPont Tedlar® PVF Film.  This construction provides an extra layer of protection for vinyl wallcoverings, making them virtually indestructible. The following Designtex wallcoverings are available with Wall Defense:

 Cane  6058
 Piper  6072
 Smarty  6086
 Luxor II  6071
 Buka  6083
 Imposto Hombre  IMH
 Bacara Crepe II  6054
 Wigwam  6074
 Bacara Weave II  6053
 Jupati  6075
 Erlano II  6064
 Nishiki  6073
 Lugano II  6051
 Archevia II  6066
 Fossil Leaf II  6065
 Double Helix  6059
 Grid Work  6084

Please note that due to the nature of Wall Defense coating there will be a slight change in color, emboss and sheen.

For memo samples of Wall Defense please contact your sales representative.